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Friday, November 13, 2009

Meet the beef.

Please excuse the photo quality but these were taken last evening after feeding. I kinda forgot to take pics and then quickely grabbed some shots before it got too dark.

This is Black Pudding having a scratch. She really is the sweetest calf but is pretty keen on her feeds and will push and bunt the others out of her way even though she is the smallest!

Poor skinny Gloria. Someone at the saleyards said she looked like she had been taken off milk and needed to go back on and I agree, she needs feeding up. But she takes milk no probs and I've seen her chewing on grass too so I think she'll be ok. You can see Rumpelsteakskin and Black Pudding in the background.

In the foreground is Bunty Beef - she also knows how to get the good stuff and I've also seen her chewing on grass, she's definitely a bit older. And her penmate at the back is Henrietta Hereford Hamburger. We managed to get her back to the pen by letting out all the others and once she was in a group she settled down immediately. She's still not interested in milk though. I even straddled her, put the teat in her mouth and squirted milk down her throat - not interested! I have seen her urinate and have a grassy poo, and she is probably the best covered of the lot of them so I'm not concerned.

So that's our happy little bovine family.

On other farmy news, I have a new incubator and about an hour ago I set 21 eggs in it. Twelve purebreed eggs: Barnevelder, Araucana, Light Sussex, Barred Rock and Faverolle. And nine of my own: Araucana, Dorking, Golden Laced Wyandotte and Orpington all crossed with my Silver Laced Wyandotte Rooster. So in 21 days time, watch this space!!


  1. Gah! My blog reader thingy has obviously not been working, as this is the first post I've seen from you since the darling W turned 5! Wondered where you'd got to and wow, you've been BUSY!

    Ok.....I LOVE the cows and their names crack me up!

    And awww, thanks for the bloggy award, things have been mad here, but I'll get it up soon. Hmmm, six things...

    Well done on the gingerbeer, I haven't made that in absolutely ages. Gee that takes me back a bit!

    Congratulations on resigning from paid work, I'm sure you'll be more than busy enough at home with your bobbies...and the chooks are gorgeous too!

    Note to self: check for updates of Slightly Mad Quilt Lady's life and times MANUALLY.

    Mwah xx

  2. Oh, and are you going to milk them? I've found a source of raw organic cows milk and it's fabulous stuff!

  3. I have designs on Gloria, hence the less meaty name. Jersey milk is really rich too so butter, cheese, yoghurt, mmmmmmmmmm!


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