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Sunday, May 2, 2010

I've been absent for a few days. I got lost. I do that occasionally. Lost in a book. I will read and read and read and read and take the book to the laundry with me and try and fill the washing machine one handed.

Now I don't profess to be a book critic. I don't belong to a book club and I don't spend time analysing the themes etc. (Hey, I don't have time to analyse themes - I'm READING!). But this book grabbed me - not immediately - but in the end, so thoroughly, that I stayed up to midnight last night finishing it.

I don't like to recommend books to anyone - tastes differ so much. But if you're going on a long holiday (it's about 900 pages odd), maybe pack this one.

I've also been thinking about some remodelling - a blogovation if you like. Back when I started this blog I called it "The Slightly Mad Quilt Lady" for no better reason than it popped into my head (it might have something to do with all the night shifts I was doing). But I've found out I can change the name, and seeing as this blog's content is about 80% Windyhill Farm life and 10% Quilting and 10% Rabbiting On, I thought maybe I should change the name. What do you think?

Plus I'm not really Slightly Mad.



  1. oh, I've read his other book, 'She's come Undone" Liked it a lot, even if it is slightly odd :)
    I love "the slightly mad quilt lady' so I vote keep!
    However totally up to you. I've changed mine a couple of times so see where you're coming from xx
    ps ho are the chooks coming on?

  2. How about "TheWindyHillQuiltRabbitingLady?"

    Just kidding.

    I kinda like your blog name. Really. Although I don't think you are really mad. :-) --- But then again aren't we all slightly insane? ;-) --- I mean, normal is boring. :-)

  3. P.S. Loved that book, too! Been a while.


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