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Thursday, October 28, 2010


Gosh, the weekend is almost here and I haven't even written about last weekend!  Labour weekend was a full-on one for us.  Being a long weekend, my brother and his wife took the opportunity to visit us and they brought their gorgeous son with them.  I could wax lyrical all day about how perfectly delicious he is!  Four months old and just starting to get interesting.  My little Miss with smitten!

Then we had a lovely day relaxing on the beachside whilst hubby took the kids fishing.  We caught up with my hubby's cousin and all her family too.  A real family picnic.  Sunday was another family picnic with different cousins and aunties and uncles and the kids got to swim in the creek where we'll be camping at Christmas time.  But the highlight of their day was horse riding with their Great Uncle M!  Now both of them want a horse for Christmas.  Hmmm, we'll think about that.  And of course I forgot my camera so I don't have a picture of their delighted faces when they were jumping a wee ditch!  (Let's not mention that I was made to get on that horse too....did you know how unstable those things are?!)

This is a pic from last Christmas - high tide in the creek.

Tuesday was a busy day at the Quilting Guild and then Wednesday - yesterday- was the first day I had to sit down and just be.  So I whipped up a couple of grocery bags from upholstery fabric swatches.  I say 'whipped up' because that was how it felt.  Really!  I just sat down and sewed while my girl was napping.  I listened to an audio book and before you know it, I had two bags.  I love it when projects just 'work' - so often they don't so I'm bragging while I can!

So today I'm just pottering.  What are you up to?


  1. Ok - have to tell you about the new piglet that arrived yesterday. She is only 8 weeks old, a real weaner and a bit lonely and sad as she has been taken away from Mama and siblings (a sad sight indeed is a a piglet with a straight tail!). So I had a brainwave, why not introduce her to the dog! Pigs and dogs can be friends right? Think Babe! So Ella is introduced to Piglet, there is a fair bit of tail wagging on both sides and all looks good, then Ella turns around to look at us and keeps wagging her tail which is now whacking poor Piglet in the snout. She puts up with this for all of 4 or 5 wags then with a squeal lunges forward and bits Ella on the bottom. Ella yelps and literally climbs up the fence and out of the enclosure. SO so so so so funny I had to sit down for fear of dropping the baby. Result - Ella will go out of her way to avoid the pig enclosure and Piglet has a sibling arriving tomorrow to keep her company. ;-p P.S. Milk tomorrow? Will text! x

  2. he he, I cant beat Pipee's comment!! but thought I would say Hi anyway!! Sounds like you had a great Labour Weekend. Your grocery bags are a really great idea and look neat.

  3. I'm trying to make breastmilk. More that is.

  4. We're up to gardening these days. Planted potatoes and sweet potatoes yesterday, garlic and carrots today, and hopefully we'll get some parsnips and radishes in tomorrow. I figure, hey, I'm only like two months behind. NOBODY WILL EVER KNOW THE DIFFERENCE...right?

    Lol, I love that first picture, by the way. Some of my favorites of my daughter are with her cousins =)

  5. Love those bags! I'm building up a long list of sewing projects but too busy with other things at present.

  6. Made a felt book to keep some of my samples in and spent a large amount of time helping to clear the bank for a new veggie garden.

    viv in dunedin


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