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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Quilting Goals in 2011

Last year I made quilts for lots of people; my MIL, my FIL, my son, my daughter, my nephew. And I didn’t mind that – the deadlines were a great incentive, I learned a lot and had fun doing it.  But this year is all about ME. I’m going to make whatever I like. If I end up giving it away to someone, well, that’s fine, but I’m not going to start a project with that end goal in sight.

I also want to sort out a few of my WIP’s. They are kinda hanging over my head a bit, so every week I’m going to do a little bit towards at least one. I’m not going to put any expectations on myself about finishing any, but a little bit here and there will all add up (I’m hoping!).

So this is my first ‘do what inspires you’ project. I had washed these batik squares together because of the colours. When I saw them all laid out for ironing, I just had to put them together. Then after a glass of wine one night, I glanced over at them and the tree flashed into my head.  But the tree was a bit big so I'm adding some extra squares.

A friend at our quilting guild made a fabulous wall hanging where the elements were all outlined in black. It gave it a real Hundertwasser look and I thought it a stunning effect. I’m outlining the tree in white as it was a bit tonally similar to the background. I will cut out leaves from the green linen napkin and maybe outline them in white too. I’m having fun with no pressure.

And as for my WIP, I have these three little bassinet quilts on the go for the maternity ward. Today I sat down and finally quilted the third one and chose bindings for all three.   Little steps and they'll get finished without me even noticing!

I'm particularly pleased with my free-motion quilting on this wee one.  Some wise person once said,"Practice makes perfect."  You know, I think they were right.


  1. Why is it the fun goes out of a project a bit when you feel you MUST get it finished by a certain time for a certain reason. It seems that way for me, at least.If I can take my time on the project,finish it when I do,I seem enjoy it a lot more.

  2. I try not to call them WIP's or UFO's. I call them PHD's (project half done) and then when I've finished - I have completed my PHD! Your quilting looks great. Is it freehand or do you have a special machine?

  3. Hi Faye - I like PHD's! As for the quilting, it's all freehand, I just put my feed dogs down on my machine, put my darning foot on and go for it.

  4. Oh I love the tree. Your quilts are beautiful, you're very lucky to be so talented.

    I knit and sew a little bit, and when I started out just knitting, everything I made was for someone else. So when I started sewing, it was all about me!

    I'd love to start quilting. Every Thursday night I host a knitting night, and the ladies that come are all very experienced and talented (I'm the learner), I'll have to ask them what they know about quilting.

  5. I like the PHD concept too!! Imagine, I could have a whole lot of PHDs :-) The white on the tree is very effective, I look forward to seeing it's progress.


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