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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Garden Harvest

I rummaged around under the jungle that is my garden and dug up enough potatoes for dinner.  I love digging for spuds, revealing hidden treasure.  However, I LOATHE putting my fingers through the half-rotten original seed potato.  Urrrrgh.

Some tomatoes I found today.  These are Latimer Beefsteak.  I have totally neglected them and yet they still give me this bounty!  Last season I didn't plant any because we were late getting the garden started etc etc.  This year I planted them but then didn't tie them up before I left for holiday and came back to sprawling triffids.  So I'm all fired up for next year.  If I can get this sort of crop from total neglect, what can I get with tender loving care?!

And for dinner - lovely, lovely kingfish.  (Can you see Hubby's fat left hand?  He got a paper wasp sting and it didn't agree with him.)

I hope you all had a lovely weekend.  We have been busy building boxing for a concrete retaining wall in the new shed, moving the chicken enclosure, relaxing and trying to stay cool.  Now onwards and upwards to Monday.


  1. That fish looks pretty impressive! Will you smoke some?
    We had blackened cajun fish (kahawai) on the BBQ tonight, delicious!
    The tomatoes have done well. Some of mine are pretty neglected too, like you say next year hopefully will do a better job!

  2. Miss Blondie looked at that fish and said "Why can't we go back to Aunty Lottie's, and why can't you cook me fish like that?!" She still craves your smoked eel!! Hope M's hand has gone down - paper wasps can give a really nasty sting. I have to go out later and deal with the nest that has appeared on our fence.

  3. My tomatoes usually end up like trifids too...I start off what good intentions...pinching out the laterals and tying the first 6 inches up...and then they just ...GROW... LOL!

  4. My hubby and I disagree on how to grow tomatoes, so next season I'm going to grow some my way (down-to-earth has a good tutorial on growing tomatoes) and we will see which ones grow better. But have you noticed when you dont stake them that where the stems touch the ground, new roots appear. Gotta be good for them :-) The fish looks good, and fresh spuds ... yummmmm

  5. Wow that fish is HUGE! I can't remember ever having kingfish, it looks great, the kind of fish that would hold together well in a curry.

    Things tend to grow when I neglect them too, it's when I start taking care of them that they die! Lovely harvest, I'll bet dinner was good.


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