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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Yellow is a happy colour

Now, isn't that the sweetest little bundle of fluff you ever did see?  I don't think you can see them all, because they tend to like sitting on each other's heads when they are startled, but there are ten which hatched from twelve that I had set in the incubator.  They are Pekin ducks from my own ducks who lay very well, but don't sit and hatch ducklings.  They also grow very fast and are ready for eating at eight weeks old. 

The best part of it, is that they are in their brooder in the new shed, NOT in my bathroom.  Because although they are cute, they also poop, and poop smells. 

There is another reason they can't be in the bathroom:

There is a window being installed!  This windowless dungeon has been very dark and dingy for the last few weeks as the builders took out the Clearlite roofing panel and put corrugated iron on instead in preparation for it one day having a ceiling.  But now it has a new lease of life (and a whole lotta sawdust) with this window.  The window is an old wooden one that has been sitting behind our shed, hence the grime and the broken pane.

There is also a floor going in in the last bay of the shed between the bathroom and the back door - no more stepping down dodgy steps onto dirt in the middle of the night.  What is more, is that that floor will one day be the floor of my sewing room!!


  1. Yay for your own sewing room :) I'm still waiting for my new bathroom and for the kitchen upgrade.

    viv in dunedin

  2. I know you are elated over your new found space and your soon-to-be sewing room.You can never have too much space.
    (I know I can't anyway)

  3. Those little ducklings look very cute. Do you have a favourite duck recipe? We had duck for Xmas last year - I went on the net and found a Duck and Orange recipe that was quite easy, and a different meat for Xmas. Everyone seemed to enjoy it. You must have been very patient living with your shed so primitive for so long. Must be a great feeling to get things "up and running" so to speak. Is the loo inside yet? Love the updates.

  4. Cute little quackers...I'll ignore the bit where you eat them LOL! Yay for repairs getting done :-D

  5. Gorgeous little guys - hope they taste as good as they look. Yay for a nearly own sewing space!!


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