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Monday, April 4, 2011

It's growing on me

This, when finished, will be the largest quilt I have ever made.  And yes, this is the best picture I can take of it at the moment because.  It.  Just. Won't.  Fit.

I decided that it needed a border of squares of pale blue fabrics.  Onto those fabrics I am going to applique vines, leaves and birds in the same style as the centre medallion.  Then I think I'll finish it all off with a dark blue border.  It will fit nicely over my king size bed with some drape over the edges.

My sewing machine is taking a little service break at present so I'm filling in by hand sewing, hand quilting (which is so bad I'm embarrassed to show it), designing screeds of new quilts, and cutting out fabrics. 

I'm starting to get withdrawal symptoms.


  1. Stunning Mam! And I know what you mean about withdrawals. My machine needs a service, but I cant schedule it into my life at the moment. I have an Elna Lotus that I take to workshops and retreats with me, but it's not suitable for the amount of work my big Bernina can do.

  2. Oh it is just beautiful! I can't wait to see the vines, gosh that will be a sight to behold... what a whole lot of commitment you quilting people are into!

  3. Oh dear, it hard when a loved one goes away...but think of the reunion! Yippie, you will be sewing, sewing until the sun goes down (which doesn't take long now daylight saving is over)
    Nice quilt, I like the centre medallion.

  4. The vine around the edges sounds lovely...I can't wait to see it! great job so far!

  5. Lovely. I'm not big on blue usually, but I really like the combination of blues in this one. Looking forward to seeing the vines.

  6. OH. My. God!!! that is huge, and so much work. WOW!!!


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