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Monday, July 11, 2011

Don't slurp your soup.

I have a lunch guest. This is King Theodin, who completely lost his head when he tasted the soup and found out how good it is ;)

Soup is a favorite standby in our house at the moment. Fantastic winter warming food, and the kids adore it. Yesterday, at their Grandmother's house, they had a choice for lunch: soup or pie. They chose soup!
Today’s recipe: take the water from boiling the corned beef last night, add a couple of left over potatoes cooked in the same water, a cup of dried split green peas, some frozen chicken stock, chopped fresh pumpkin (the kids won’t touch it normally), a few big spoons of leftover spaghetti bolognaise mince and simmer for a few hours till mushy. Add extra water to the thickness you like and serve.  Leftovers make the best soup.
After lunch, the first job is to find some glue to re-attach Theodin’s head. The second job is making loads of bias tape for my big blue and white quilt and the third job is starting to appliqué the signature blocks onto the 21st quilt.
Thank you all for your thoughts on whether the 21st quilt is big enough. I’m still undecided, but leaning toward leaving it just as it is. So I figured I’d work on the back until I’m sure.

The back of the quilt so far - you can tell we are having lovely weather this afternoon!


  1. We are having soup too...minestrone yum! LOL at King Theodin losing his head.

    I'm hoping to do some sewing this afternoon. Have a great day!

  2. oh a regarding the quilt...I think it looks fine as it is. As my Dad says "if it aint broke, then don't fix it" ;-)

  3. I used left over pasta and a few bones from the freezer bag along with whatever looked like it needed using in the vege bin for our last soup. I added some fish sauce for salt and some sploshes of this and that sauces etc from the cupboard. My only problem is I can't repeat it and everyone loved it.

    Its all one big adventure round here :)


  4. I'm loving soup too, not the rest of the family though, so it's all mine, ha! We had to reattach a soccer player's arm yesterday, so King Theodin would be in good company over here.

  5. Wow!! Love the back of the quilt.I really like interesting backs.
    Soup is a quilters best friend, so quick and easy, no fuss, then on with the quilting.We are having vege soup tonight and a smoked fish quiche....quick and easy, but sadly no quilting for me, off to take my son for his mountain biking!

  6. I like soup, cannot get my 4 year old to eat it just yet though :-(

  7. The soup looks so welcoming and hearty - yum!


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