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Monday, January 21, 2013

School Holidays are almost over

I worked a night shift last night.  Yawn.  As it's school holidays, the children had to play quietly whilst I slept away the morning.  They were brilliant - I didn't hear them once.  They even fed themselves.  So as a bit of a treat when I woke up, I bundled them in the car (no I didn't brush their hair) and we went off for iced chocolates at Kerikeri's Cafe Cinema.  Yum.


And just in case you're wondering - they didn't have any Kahlua in them!!

And on quilting; isn't it amazing how quickly a quilt can come together when you're using it to procrastinate?  


  1. Oh, how delicious! Lovely photos.

  2. Fun! Sounds like the kids deserved those yummy treats. Your quilt is coming together nicely = I like it when they surprise me like that!!

  3. Deserved treat I would say. Loving your quilt.

  4. Procrastination rules:) It's also way too easy to get involved in a new group making Dear Jane before you have finished the one on hand!

    Choc ice creams seem pretty good right now and we have an interview at school next week for what my eldest wants to do with his life. Can't believe he has only 2 years of school left.


  5. Yum! Has Miss O's hair calmed down a bit lately, is it just 'cos it's longer?

    Looking forward to seeing you all in September....!


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