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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Tall Ships

The tall ships are here.  I just happened to be in town this morning and I captured this quick shot with my iPad from the Opua wharf.  They are so magnificent.  Tomorrow two of them will be tied up at the wharf and are letting the public on for tours.  I'm know I'll be going!


  1. You are so lucky. One of the first things we did before we even got married (just a while ago then) was to walk way out on the tidal sands at the mouth of the harbour to watch one of those come in. (we were flatting down there at the time) Just wonderful.


  2. Beautiful ship and beautiful photo and thanks for coming to my blog and commenting.

  3. Lovely photo; Sounds like you have an interesting day planned!

  4. Hi Ms Lottie, nice shot of Europa there.

    Here’s a great directory of tall ships some with the same rigging types that visited Opua.


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