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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Quilting Focus - a new directory website

I gleefully spent Saturday just been at the Auckland Festival of Quilts.  A carful of us left early early and travelled down for a bit of eye candy and (for the unrestrained of us) some shopping!

While I was there, someone handed me a card of a new website.  It's a New Zealand based patchwork and quilting directory.  Here's their blurb:

Quilting Focus is a new international directory of everything to do with Patchwork and Quilting.  At present the Directory is open only to New Zealand and Australian listings, other countries will be added later.

I thought I'd check it out and it looks like a handy site to bookmark.  And I couldn't resist sending off my blog address to them to add to their listings....and I'm their first blog!!  So get adding people!

Click here for their site.  Or type into your browser.

I'm going to add a permanent link on my sidebar so you can all find it again later if you need too.

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  1. Done :) They now have the art fibre group blog I hope :)



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