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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Podcast? What cast?

I've taken the plunge and launched a podcast.  What is a podcast you ask?  It's kinda like online radio, but anyone can make a podcast, just like anyone can write a blog.  If you go to iTunes you can find a few million to download and listen to, either from your computer or your mobile device.  You can find them at other places too, like podbean, podomatic, podbay....

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I've been listening to podcasts for a while now and really enjoying them.  Then a while back I came across some quilting podcasts.  They make my day more enjoyable as they keep me company when I'm doing housework or cooking or working in my studio.

So I took the plunge and thought I'd start one up too.  Why not?  There doesn't seem to be any NZ or Australian quilting podcasters - I thought I'd get the ball rolling.  Eventually I'd like to include interviews from NZ quilters, rundowns on exhibitions and shows, and magazine and book reviews.  But for now, I'm figuring out how it all works so most content will be about what quilty things I'm up to.

Here are a few links to quilting podcasts I listen to:

American Patchwork and Quilting Radio.

Quilting...for the rest of us.

Quilt Cabana Corner.

Just type in quilt or quilting in iTunes podcast search box and you'll come up with several more.  Or visit Nonnie's Quilting Dreams - she has a podcast too and the link takes you to a blog post where she lists all the active quilting podcasts she knows about.

Here's Lazy Daisy Quilts keeping me company on my in the studio.

What about other interesting podcasts?

Country Life - Radio New Zealand National.

This Way Up - Radio New Zealand National.

And the BBC have HEAPS of great podcasts.

These are all available on iTunes too, you just have to type in a relevant search term. You can subscribe to podcasts and when there is a new one released, it will pop up in whatever app or program you are using.

So what's my podcast?  The Slightly Mad Quilt Lady of course ;)  I've only released one episode so far.  I didn't tell anyone about it as I wanted a couple of my friends to listen to it first and tell me whether it was listenable (is that a word?) or terrible!  Apparently it's not too bad and so I am going to continue.  I'm going to aim for a podcast once every one or two weeks - but I make no promises 'cause I know life has a habit of getting in the way.

Here's my link via Podbean and here's my link in iTunes.  The iTunes is only just registered so it may be a little hard to find for a couple of days via searching.

Please leave me a comment either here or on the Podbean website to give me some feedback.  And is there anything in particular you'd like to hear about?


  1. Awesome idea Charlotte. Lovely to hear your voice. Please do lots more. I posted a message on the kiwiquilters yahoo group about your podcast:-)

  2. You have a really nice voice and very easy to listen to. A whole new facet to blogging

  3. I've had people ask me if I do podcasts but haven't even looked into what one is. I'll be back later to listen in :-D.

  4. Enjoyed your podcast! Great to hear your voice. I have been a follower for a while! I found your podcast very interesting and you are so easy to listen to. Keep it up and best of luck for your foray into teaching! Nurses can do anything!!

  5. Keep them coming .. I listened to it when I snuck in an hour of stitching this morning and it was great. I've tried watching videos when I sew (The Quilt Show or the Kemshalls) but found I can't quite multi-task, but the podcast was easy. Now I'll have to search some more out while I wait for your next ones!

  6. I am listening to your podcast as I write this comment. I am really enjoying it. Keep it up. I LOVE what you had to say about doing "traditional" quilting while your mind needed to rest and doing "art" quilting when you needed more of a challenge. I have never heard it put like that before, but that is EXACTLY how I feel. Some of my "artsy" friends do not appreciate the fact that I take time away from "art" to work on traditional patchwork, but I sometimes need the break. I'm currently working on the hand work on some art pieces and machine piecing some traditional quilts in the meantime. I look forward to your next podcast.


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