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Friday, November 28, 2014

Half-inch Hexagons

Incy, weency, teeny, weeny hexagons.  Cute, huh?  I'm pretending that the fiddliness is good for my dexterity.  Luckily I don't have to make too many.  And it's a secret project so I can't show you much more than that.  Tease, I know!


  1. Now those are small! You are a total tease. How long does it have to stay secret! Tami in Denver

  2. I think mine are about that size too. Fiddly! I got in to Art School post grad level - yay! They were very keen to have me - nice to be wanted. It does mean a year of no income but we'll figure that out when we get to it.


  3. Good lord - they are tiny, that would drive me nuts!

  4. I can say ha ha, because I know what they are for... and they are very cute. Again, the colours look weird - this time a bit dull, have you been adjusting your settings?


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