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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Shooting Seagulls

Happy April Fools everyone, hope your day goes smoothly without too many pranks!

I've been trying to take photographs of seagulls.  And more specifically, seagulls hovering and diving.  I want to add some to a quilt I'm making and need photographs to draw from.

Heck it's tricky!  For every good photograph I get, there are about 30 seagull blurs, wing tips, feet or just scenery without a seagull in it!

But I'm getting there.  The one above gives me a good seagull shape.  Plus the reflections are beautiful too - like an impressionist painting.

I'm off to feed seagulls again.


  1. I was a bit worried by the title of your post but the photos reassured me! Love the hovering one and yay for digital cameras where it doesn't matter how many bad ones we take. PS We bought a house!!!

  2. That last picture is a beauty!!!

  3. Stunning photo Lottie! Look forward to see it on a quilt in some way!

  4. The above photo looks great with water and the birds wings spread wide. I can already see it as a quilt, go you!


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