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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Podcast - Interview with Sharon Keightley of Pine Valley Quilts

Sharon Keightley, of Pine Valley Quilts, is a blogger, quilter and pattern designer.  Sharon adores reproduction and vintage fabrics and she creates beautiful quilt designs that usually incorporate both piecing and appliqué.

Sharon has previously taught classes on her appliqué techniques and she generously shares her knowledge of all things quilty on her blog.  Even though our styles differ greatly, I think Sharon's quilts are just beautiful and I always enjoy reading her process posts.

You can find Sharon on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and her website is comprehensive with a shop offering PDF patterns for download plus Sharon's informative blog.

From July Sharon is also offering something new and exciting for her.  My Home Town Quilt will be running as a free block of the month for six months.  Here's the quilt, an exclusive design by Sharon, so head over to her website to download the first set of instructions.

Sharon and I talked about the business of pattern writing and selling and how she found her niche.  We discussed her evolution into designing and how her creative process works, along with lots of information on the 'how-tos' as well.

I had a great time talking to Sharon and I think you'll enjoy our talk too.  So have a listen and go visit Sharon over at Pine Valley.  You won't be disappointed!

Download this episode (right click and save)

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  1. another lovely interview Charlotte. Sharon is a lovely person and it was nice to hear her thoughts and ideas about her designing.


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