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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Podcast - Sew Crazy Quilters Exhibition - Queensland Australia

I spent the last two weeks of September and into October in Australia.  We had a couple of family birthdays and had managed to organise gatherings around the celebrations.  It was a full on couple of weeks and most of it was spent with family, but I did sneak in a couple of quilt related outings.

I got to meet up with some lovely SAQA members (Studio Art Quilt Associates).  From left to right is myself, Rebecca Staunton, Ali George and Kate Oszko.  A yummy lunch and some great conversation.

My stepmother and I visited Lynette Anderson's shop, called Little Quilt Store.  It's only little, as the name suggests, but it is crammed full of Lynette's fabrics, plus some others, and if you like Lynette's style, you'll love this shop.  I came away with a little something in the form of some half-metre cuts. My stepmum bought a some Christmas charm squares and I showed her how to make coasters - she was a whizz at it!

I also got to a local quilt group's exhibition, the Sew Crazy Quilters from Helensvale, Queensland.  In a delightful coincidence, Lynette Anderson had donated the fabrics for their raffle quilt and a prize for their viewer's choice.

The Sew Crazy Quilters were great sports about me whipping out my voice recorder and asking them questions about their quilts for my podcast.  Scroll down to the media player at the bottom of the post and see if you can distinguish between the Aussie and the Kiwi accents ;-)

My first interviewee was Carleen Condon.  Her quilt is called 'Living in Town', from a design by Wendy Sheppard.  Carleen has made this quilt for her son and his fiancee for their new apartment.  It was machine quilted by Manisha Hunt (who appears later in this post).

My next guest was Jodie Nelson, who invited me to the exhibition through Facebook - the power of the internet!  And she is lovely in real life too.  Jodie's quilt is a Piecemakers pattern and is called 'America, America, God Shed His Grace on Thee'.  

Chris Gordon is a past president and made this lovely Rose Window quilt inspired by a book on rose windows from cathedrals.  Chris designed her quilt from the rose window in the National Cathedral in Washington, DC.

Chris also talked about the challenge entries - the theme was Home.

Thadia Lawson kindly answered some questions for me about her quilt 'A Touch of Contemporary'.  This quilt is for her Grandson and it was quilted by Stephen.

Maureen Foote's quilts caught my eye with their innovative techniques and interesting subject matter. 'The River Runs Dry' is on the right hand side and 'Australia Fair' is on the left.

This quilt 'Something Fishy' was also one by Maureen.  

My last guest, just before my batteries on my recorder ran out, was Manisha Hunt.  Manisha Hunt is a professional machine quilter for hire and had some of her beautiful quilts on display.  Her website is here:  where you can see some of her lovely work.

Thanks again, you were all lovely to chat to!  


  1. awesome you got to do lots of quilty stuff in with the family get togethers. I hope all is well.

  2. Very cool! Greetings from Auckland :)

    1. Thanks KB! And yes, Leeanne, all is well up this end of Northland, but very glad school started back today, phew!


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