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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Interview with Carole Brungar - Textile Artist

Carole Brungar is a quilter, textile artist and novelist who is tutoring at the Christchurch Quilt Symposium in October.  Lucky for me, Carole was travelling up my way when I contacted her for an interview so I got to examine (and stroke!) her class samples in person.

Carole uses papers, thread, fabric, beads, lace, free-motion stitching, hand embroidery, inks, dyes and just about anything she can lay her hands on to make soft, approachable, beautiful mixed media art.

Carole will be teaching three classes at Symposium - making a journal, a beautiful free-motion stitched and collaged wall-hanging, and an embellishment class called Romance Spoons.

We talk about how Carole's anxiety over perfect points led her to become a textile artist who occasionally bans scissors from her classroom.  I learn about how she came to be using spoons as an art medium and we also discuss her new novel that comes out May.

Carole's author webpage:

Carole's textile art blog:

Carole's Facebook page, where she is most active these days:

I had lots of fun talking to Carole, I hope you enjoy listening!  And, if you do, please share the podcast with a friend.


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