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Saturday, August 5, 2017

Bridget Macfarlane on the Capital Quilters 12 x 12 Exhibition - The NZ Quilt Show

I reached out to Bridget Macfarlane, quilter from Wellington, and asked her to give me an insight into the Capital Quilters 12 x 12 exhibition currently running at the Hutt Arts Society until the 13th August.

I first met Bridget on Instagram and enjoyed seeing her modern quilting style and interactions with other Wellington quilters.  The photo below is one of Bridget's quilts that we discuss during our chat. She uses her hand-dyed fabrics in such a graphic, modern way - I love it!

Winter Sunset at Makara by Bridget Macfarlane 

The book we talk about is Modern Color by Kim Eichler-Messmer.  Bridget used this book as inspiration when she has been experimenting with hand dyes.

Once we finish discovering a bit about Bridget, we get into discussing the exhibition itself.  There were 12 different categories that people could enter, but they could pick and choose which ones or enter all of them (only one person entered a quilt in every category!).  The twelve categories were:

1. Pink
2. Flora & Fauna
3. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
4. Round the World
5. Kiwiana
6. Through the Lens
7. Celebrations
8. Buildings
9. Friendship


157 quilts were entered by 50 members of the club - a fantastic amount of quilts and a great participation rate!  The judge was Kirsten Duncan, one of the 'twelves' - a participant in the original 12 x 12 internet based art quilt challenge that resulted in the book "Twelve by Twelve: the International Art Quilt Challenge". 

We talk about a few of the quilts in the exhibition itself.  The Best in Show winner was Lyn White with Light Show at the Museum.

Bridget won first in the pink category with her 'not very pink' quilt.

photo by Bridget Macfarlane

And she also won a merit in the reduce, reuse, recycle category with her painted doily quilt.

photo by Bridget Macfarlane

Jan Nankivell (I hope I've spelt your name right, Jan), was the winner of the reduce, reuse and recycle category and used hundreds of pre-loved staples to create this image of the elephant!

photo by Bridget Macfarlane

We discuss Adrienne Read's quilt in the bedazzled category with it's interesting fringe and fabric collage.

photo by Bridget Macfarlane

The quilt below is one of my favourites - Lyndy Young's entry in the flora and fauna category.  Such a graphic and striking image of her cat, Mr Marco.

photo by Bridget Macfarlane

We also discuss Rayna Clinton's clever quilt that won the through the lens category.

photo by Bridget Macfarlane

If you'd like to see more quilts or learn more about Capital Quilters, head over to their blog

And you can visit Bridget at her Instagram feed

Thanks for taking the time to chat to me Bridget!

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  1. Thanks for doing this Charlotte. I'm going back for another look today.

  2. I really enjoyed the original 12x12 project and book and am glad to know about the NZ version. I look forward to exploring the photos you have posted in a more leisurely manner.


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