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Sunday, August 26, 2018

Anchor Me

Sometimes the smallest things can be the most satisfying.

I'm in the process of making a particular quilt, it shall remain secret for now, that would suit a nautically themed backing.  I searched my stash to no avail, and I searched NZ fabric websites also to no avail, and so I ventured to Spoonflower.

Spoonflower, for those of you who have no idea what a flowering spoon is, is a fabric print-on-demand website.  You can design your own fabric and have it printed on numerous different substrates, or you can use another users' design if they have allowed that (they get a small commission).

Oh dear me.  Bowled over by the delicious mermaids, whales, and waves that I found, I decided to focus on something simple, like an anchor.

Then I thought, I can make me own, me hearties....

And so I did.  And I was very pleased.

Fun foam, a craft knife, and a hot glue gun.  The stamp is on the left, my practice stamps on a bit of paper in the middle and a test on some fabric on the right.  Now I'm waiting for some fabric stamp pads, mine being almost at the end of it's life, and I'll print up a length suitable for backing my quilt.

PS For those non-New Zealanders, the title of this blog post referes to an iconic NZ song by The Mutton Birds.  I've embedded it here for your education and enjoyment!


  1. That could be a LOT of stamping! Good luck! Love this song... it's a favourite.

  2. We used to cut linoleum blocks in Christmas themes for our holiday cards. That ended after the YM was born. People seem to like the photos, though now that he is old, they are harder to pry out of our son.


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