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Saturday, March 23, 2019

Best Business Cards Ever!

If you've followed my blog for a while, you'll know I don't do a lot of plugging of products.  I don't advertise to make money and I don't do a lot of sponsorship posts, but occasionally I like something so much, I'll recommend it, which is what I'm doing today.  And I'm not getting paid for this - although if you follow my links to MOO, you get a discount on your first order and I get a credit towards my next.

I was having a conversation with an exhibition-goer during The Great NZ Quilt Show, about quilts, art, paint, dyes, all the good things, and I lamented that I left my business cards in my car so I couldn't give her one.  She replied that she doesn't really do business cards because people throw them away.  I had to respectfully disagree!  She obviously hadn't come across MOO cards yet.

MOO has been my business card provider for a while now and they are so good that sometimes people ask if they can take two!  So with that thought in mind, I thought I'd pass on their details so you too can have awesome business cards.  My quilty friend Mathea gave me their info a few years ago, so it's only fair to keep passing it forward.

So why are they so good?  What's their point of difference?

It's the photographs.

I can put photographs on the back of the cards.  And I can add up to 50 different pictures!  Of course I use photographs of my quilts, usually cropped details, and the colour and images really attract attention.  People often sort through to pick their favourite quilt and I can use them as discussion points for different techniques etc.  They are the perfect business card for artists.

MOO cards are truly luxurious.  They are made of a good thick card and come in cool boxes that provide protection while they are in your hand bag, but also double as display boxes.

They are not super cheap, but they also don't feel cheap.  They have options that you can use to really beef up the quality and interest factor - round corners, square cards, extra thick card, cotton rag paper, foil highlights, mini cards...

Plus they are fast!  They come from Australia, so we are dealing with the postal service, but as for the printing, my last order took less than 12 hours from ordering till printing (they send update emails.)

Have I convinced you?

You can also order cute sticker books!

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  1. They look amazing! I love the photo aspect, what a nice touch. I go through many business cards, I use VistaPrint because I can get flyer cards, stamps, promo goods and calendars too.


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