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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Cool Site

Hmmm, something else I do on rainy days is stick on a kiddy DVD when it all gets too crazy. It lets them chill out and if I'm lucky (and have already got dinner on the go) I can sneak in a little browsing.

And here is a really cool site I just found:

I've only spent a little while, but what it seems to be about is members posting instructions for just about ANYTHING you can think of. I was looking for a free fabric grocery bag pattern....well, there's heaps. And it seems there is also a million things you can do and make with plastic grocery bags too!! Who knew !

There is also forums on being green, crafts, events, games, kids....the list goes on. And an interesting section where you can ask other members burning questions you need to have answered. Like this one: "How can I remove the diodes from a modern television flyback transformer?" Must confess to not knowing the answer to this one!!

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  1. Love the instuctables link, need to have a good look through that site. And re plastic bags, one state here in Aus has just banned them, yay!


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