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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Stuff I've been up to.

I haven't posted for ages. Not because I've been doing anything amazing that has taken my every waking moment, nope, I haven't posted because I haven't got around to it. Guess I'm not as obsessed with blogging as I thought.

Actually, I know what I've been doing. There is one thing in this world that if I start, I pretty much don't stop until I'm finished.


I don't get out novels anymore from the library. I get out kiddy books and pretty, photo-filled books on craft and quilting and sometimes even gardening, but I suck in my bottom lip and walk past the novels. Why do I deny myself the simple pleasure of reading? Because I do nothing else that isn't essential until I have finished the book (unless it is a REALLY terrible book and there haven't been many of these in my life, maybe just this one!).

My kids look even more raggamuffiny than usual. I stir the dinner with book in hand. I look up with a distracted, "Hmmmm?" when my husband asks me if I'd like joint custody of the children because he's leaving me if I don't get my nose out of that book.

But I fell of the wagon and picked up a novel at my latest trip to the library. "Just one." I told myself. Bryce Courtenay's "Matthew Flinders' Cat". Very good it was too. Totally distracted me from the fact that I was meant to be making curtains.

Before I got to the novel I was engaged in SOME productive activities.

Like baking (and then eating) my daughter's birthday cake (it's a turtle!).

And admiring my cabbage grown in a pot.

Checking out another beautiful view.

And admiring my sweet kids (this moment lasted all of 60 seconds!).

Right, back to the curtains.


  1. Yay - she's back!! Yep, I either read or I get things done - there is no half way. Toria and I share books at the moment, Skullduggery Pleasant being our current favourite. Looove the birthday cake. Mike had a carrot cake with lemon cream cheese icing and all 37 candles. The kids giggled hysterically!!

  2. Awww, raggamuffiny kids are the cutest though! Ditto on the book thing, very few actual novels go through my hands these days. I can't fathom reading when the kids are around, it's a constant round of mum look, mum watch, mum I'm hungry, mum, mum, mum, mum, mum with the lil guy adding in mumumumumumum and GAH!! whenever he can get a word in edgeways.

    Great cake, fabulous view and gorgeous cabbage. I got a great cabbage at a farmers market the other day, still haven't grown my own yet....

  3. Oh, thank you for leaving a comment. I totally loved New Zealand & I do want to go back one day so my boys can see this beautiful land!

    I enjoyed your cabbage in a pot. I've actually been rather impressed with what can be grown in a pot. It's eggplant here. They are in bloom now. Such beautiful plants!

    Bright blessings!


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