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Friday, July 31, 2009

My baby turns two!

On Monday she be all growed up!

This is her not long after being born. Getting checked over by one of my fabulous midwives (and very good friend). She was born at home in a birthing pool which is why she is nice and clean!

This is about six months old. I love the look on her face. A kind of,"Yeah, so I've got rolls, and your point is.....?"And here is my little raggamuffin now, helping me cook brownies for her birthday afternoon tea this Sunday.

And here is one of her birthday pressies. I love this pattern from Jodie at Ric-Rac. This is the second one I've made and it gets easier and easier - by the time I've made my fifth one, I should even be able to remember to sew my lining right sides together (yes, I was having a bad day).

That's a little horse applique I put on the front. Hopefully it will satisfy my horse-mad girl. "Horshies, horshies!" she squeals when she spots some. But beware, don't get too close or, "Horshie get me, Mummy!" A pony addiction that needs to be satisfied from afar. I hope this continues long into the future and I'll never be posting a picture of the real 'horshie' she got for her 12th birthday.


  1. Omg, two already?? She is a sweet little ragamuffin, where does time go?!

  2. Happy birthday gorgeous girl!! Birthday present will be organised when I stop having sick kids and can find my sewing room!!


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