This blog is a bit of a ramble through my life. There's a lot about quilting and textile arts, a sprinkle of my family life and some of my thoughts and ponderings. We currently live aboard an old wooden 1945 Navy boat, called MV Cerego, so you'll find me writing about that too. Welcome aboard!

Friday, July 10, 2009


These are pictures from our first morning. Neither of us big people had to rush off to work and so we walked around and enjoyed ourselves, 'basking in the serenity'.

As yet, our creepy crawly encounters are limited to a nightly visit from a mouse who we see out the corner of our eyes, flitting under our door. Unfortunately he will have to go, I hope he likes peanut butter as that will be his last meal....snap! But I'm expecting many visits from eight legged friends if the amount of webs is anything to go by.

My small daughter has suddenly shown herself to be scared of spiders. "Spliler, Mummy, spliler!" She will say with a worried look on her face. I hope to impress her with the beauty of their webs and show her how they can be safely removed outside without hysterics so she doesn't become a complete arachniphobic.

The hugeness of the sky out here amazes me often. I can watch the weather rolling in from the north, usually rain clouds, and then I can see it scudding off into the distance as it passes.

I hope I never become accustomed to the view.