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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Creative Space

Ok, so I've been seeing these posts of other peoples fabulous creative spaces. Inspirational, tidy, colourful, organised, user friendly.

Here's mine:

Jealous? Thought not. This is a warning. Do not try and combine your bedroom and your creative space. Especially not when you are trying to cram everything from a bigger bedroom with lots of built in shelves into a smaller one with none. Does. not. work.

And I don't know how to fix it without spending money, of which I have none. Any ideas?


  1. Hmm - have you thought about bricks and planks for shelving - worked for ages in our flat as bookshelves. And I've seen your husbands shed - should be able to scrounge something from in there!

  2. My only advice is to go up, shelves from floor to ceiling, or cabinets, an old wardrobe maybe. Old kitchen cupboards that someone's pulled out. Go on the scrounge, garage sales, do you have freecycle?

  3. Oh dear...we have the same problem...trying to fit more than one purpose into every room. You are not alone!


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