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Thursday, September 17, 2009

The girls have been laying like crazy lately. I had my first day of 10 eggs (from 10 hens) yesterday.

It's been beautiful weather. Nice enough for me to get a little sunburnt when planting some trees. Time to break out the sunhats, sunblock and build shady huts for the kids where they can guard their treasure!

Frozen blueberries (one day they'll be my homegrown ones), a litte sugar and some homemade yoghurt - who needs plastic punnets with artificial bits and pieces? Am I mad to dream about owning a housecow?


  1. The girls and I are currently trying to persuade Mike that chickens at our next house is a good idea - he's not so sure!! Parcel on it's way for your beautiful daughter...hugs from Aunty Lou.

  2. My youngest loves frozen blueberries, oldest doesn't like them at all, d'ya know Jono grows his own? And yahoo fro summer weather!


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