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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Nap Naps

My little girl is toilet training. It'll be great, but it's kinda sad too. One more step towards growing up.

I really like cloth nappies. I plug them at my antenatal classes, showing them a few of my 'stash' and letting them know that there is soooo much more choice than the old flannelette squares and plastic overpants. I mean, if you have to wear something large and unwieldy over your butt, you may as well have some funky colours and some nice soft fleece next to your skin.

The above pic is most of my stash, minus a few in the wash and probably one insitu. I use pocket nappies because they combine ease of use with quick drying. My fav New-Zealand made brand is Tweedles, good quality fabric, cool colours and patterns and nice fit. Although Harmony are pretty good too, except with the envelope opening at the front you can't stick your hand in and test the wetness of the inner very easily. I made my own inners, figuring I could save a bit of money (I did), but knowing that in my post-baby fug I wouldn't be able to manage sewing the whole outer too. I bought my microfibre and my hemp from Greenbeans.

The one thing I hadn't considered with toilet training is the trouser fitting problem. It's very amusing watching previously snug-fitting trousers slide southwards when worn over knickers!


  1. No, no, no she's growing up sooo fast. Speaking of which - my eldest has just started getting hips!! Just bought an overlocker, cause a whole new wardrobe is needed!!

  2. I just bought some fabric from Greenbeans, seems they've relocated to Aus for now. Gee I remember when Miss O was 10 months old, such a sweetie!


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