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Monday, October 26, 2009

Chicken Love.

It's raining today. We managed a family walk (it's a public holiday, Labour Day) this morning in the drizzle. But now it's really set in. So to brighten my day, here are some pictures of my favourite creatures - my chooks! Hope it brightens your day too.

The rooster - he doesn't really have a name except for rooster. He is a Silver Laced Wyandotte.

This is one of the black twins. I have a few mongrels that I'm going to house seperately (once the dog's off heat) and use for raising babies when they go broody. This is one of them. She has a bit of Silky and Barred Rock in her, not that you can tell. She has an identical sister.

This is my Silver Grey Dorking. She is quite low-slung and has five toes, which is standard for her breed. Her feathers have the most beautiful subtle grey markings.

This is Speckles, another mongrel. Her Barred Rock is much more obvious.

This is Fidget, my flighty scaredy-cat Araucana. She lays wee little blue eggs.

And one of the Fluffy-butt sisters. This is the one without the missing patch of feathers. She is a Blue Orpington. Her skirt of fluff gets all bedraggled when walking in the wet grass and suddenly you can see her legs!

And Miss Floppy, my brown leghorn, with her big floppy comb. My daughter calls her Foppy.


  1. Oh, I dream of chickens. And of sheep. Sigh. I love the pictures!!! Awwww. Awwwwwww. How blessed you are! --- As for a swap. I'm not sure. I'd love a smallish lap quilt. I have been collecting fabric actually dreaming of a quilt one day. I could knit pretty much anything. How about a shawl for you & some knitted things for your children? Not sure. I'm sure you are not thinking about winter right now. ;-)

  2. Your chickens are gorgeous - my girls are drooling over them. We have enough trouble with the dogs at the moment - they escaped over the weekend when the back gate blew off in a storm. We got a phone call from a lovely lady who had caught them in the act of about to cross a major road. Thank goodness for the Good Samaritans' of this world.


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