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Monday, October 5, 2009

This little piggy went to market, this little piggy stayed at home

I showed William how to point and shoot with my digital camera. I now have about 45 random shots pretty much like the one above! You can also see my daughter's birthday bounty in the background. Second hand toys rock!

My lounge floor was covered today in little hills of clothes. My sister-in-law has three daughters and we get all their hand me downs. Olivia found the bags and had great fun strewing the contents around, which was a pain, but at least it made me sort them out. Second hand clothes rock too, they're just a little more work!

Other things we've been up to. Baking apple pie with apples sent from the same S-I-L. This was REALLY good. I made the pastry from a recipe in Alison Holst's old Dollars and Sense Cookbook, a fantastic find in an Op Shop.

And making bags. This took me one kid-free morning to whip up from a linen skirt. It's been sent off to one of my sister's for her birthday. (Let's hope it's already reached her or she's just had advanced notice!)
I've worked three morning shifts in a row and it was incredibly busy. Postnatal rooms almost full and births happening left, right and centre. September and October are always busy months but this was crazy. I'm working a 12 hour day shift tomorrow, so finger's crossed it has quietened down a little.

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  1. We looove hand-me-downs, the best money saver ever and gee, the apple pie looks tasty, something I haven't made for a long time...


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