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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Weather Window.

I took these pictures after the rain stopped yesterday.  It was early evening and the light was glowing yellow.  You can see the overflowing stream in the paddocks of the first picture if you look hard.

It was a lovely fresh feeling to see sunlight after so much water from the sky. 

Today we have had a few showers but I managed to get a handful more trees planted and a grapevine too.  Tomorrow I have a kid-free morning and I just checked the weather forecast - a blue sky day.  I'll be working hard, trying to get the last of the trees in the ground because the weekend weather is not looking flash.


  1. wasn't the light amazing last night! And you're right - it was lovely to see it after all the rain. Bring on tomorrow!

  2. Yay! I can post comments again. I got messed up with Java script on another site.

    Love the photos btw - I've saved one onto my wallpaper so I'll see it again every so often :) Light effects are fun.

    viv in dunedin

  3. Beautiful colours! Wow, a kid-free morning, I do not get those any more, sigh.

  4. Wow! Beautiful and nice to have a look at the scenery. Sunshine after a rainy period is really gorgeous. Hope sun will shine more next days. This weather (rainy like in Switzerland) drives me mad. I couldn't see it anymore.

  5. Wow Lottie. Looks like heaven at your place. Isn't it amazing what just a little sunshine can to for your spirits. We're hoping to see it a bit over the weekend here in Melbourne. After all those years of drought you feel almost guilty for wanting the rain to stop! But a little break every now and then would be nice :)


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