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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wet, whiney, work-in-progress Wednesday.

I'm officially blurk.  No mojo.  Rain, rain and just a little bit more rain.  Oh, and a good dose of wind.  Toddler has been home all week with snotty nose and cough, so no kid-free sanity time for me.  Got lots that I should be thankful for, heaps actually, just haven't got the spark to appreciate it all.

Okay, I'm kicking my own butt!  Ouch!

I'm thankful that I got my daughter's quilt finished.  And I'm thankful that she is now 3, which makes daycare cheaper!  I'm glad the birthday party was a success ie no black eyes or broken bones, and the only sulk was from big brother not birthday girl.

I'm grateful it's raining, because that means there is no drought.

I'm glad the dam's full now, in fact it's overflowing, so we will head into spring and summer with plenty of water.

And I'm really grateful I live in a house right now and not a tent!

But I just can't work up any gratefulness knowing that I have to get out in this weather and pick up my boy from school in a little while.  Hmmm, finger's crossed I CAN get out and there is no flooding!  (And I'm trying not to think about having to feed the animals later, slosh, slosh.)

Right, onto Work in Progress Wednesday.

I've got a few quilts that I want to do this year for certain dates.  My little girl's one was the first.  Tick. 

Now I'm working on my MIL's.  I'm up to laying it out and stitching blocks together. 

After that comes a dragon one for my boy.  I've designed the dragon block, now I'm picking fabric for the applique. 

And last but not least, I'm planning a quilt for my FIL for Christmas.  He is currently having six weeks of chemo and radiotherapy so I reckon he deserves something special.  I'm thinking positive/negative applique again - with a stag head, boar, native trees, birds, fish - he's a hunter, can you tell?  I'll keep you posted on how I go.

(And did anyone pick the typo?  Copy writer's block!)

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