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Monday, November 22, 2010

The Roar.

This is what I'm doing today.  I've already done another fish bin of weeds (only sixty thousand left to do), fed the animals and done some washing, but it's getting too hot to slog in the garden so it's time to work on my Father-in-Law's quilt.

When I'm building a background for an applique figure, I tend to work on a calico foundation to give me the size of the finished block and then I free cut shapes for the ground/hills/sky before pinning them and then sewing them down.

(Friends suggested I add a red nose to him, 'cause he looks like he's singing Christmas carols!  I probably won't.  But I will be adding an eye, an inner ear and inner mouth to give him a bit of definition.)


  1. Looking good! How's the clothes sewing progressing? I have a lot to blame on you -

  2. Very clever elk, I like him...lots! Better then pulling weeds, hee,hee!

  3. Love the stag - go the red nose!! Wish we had enough rain to grow a few weeds - might make my garden look a bit greener. We are officially in drought.


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