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Friday, November 26, 2010

Healing Hearts

These are my two Healing Hearts blocks.  I patched together some blue scraps of fabric then ironed on some fusible webbing with two hearts drawn on it.  Then I cut them out, ironed them to 6 1/2 inch calico squares and satin stitched around them with a tearaway stabiliser on the back.  I know that these quilts will never bring back the people that have been lost.  But I hope that in some little way, they make a difference to someone.


  1. What a sad, sad thing to happen. So many lives lost. What a wonderful thing to do, Lottie! I still have the heart you made for me earlier this year on the knob of my desk... :-)

  2. I've just read about this on another blog and want to make some too. Such a sad sad tragedy.

  3. Lovely hearts, I know what you mean when you say they wont bring loved ones back, but they will show families that someone out there cares and is thinking of them.

  4. Sign your blocks. When I first made some years ago I didn't and then I heard that people who received the quilts like reading all the names and places, they then know people from all around the country are thinking of them. Hope that makes sense! I do ramble on don't I. Your blocks look Great too!


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