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Monday, September 19, 2011

Fabulous Flowers

Today, in between herding children, I've been chipping away at the garden and then pinning, pinning and some more pinning.

These are the stems for the flowers on a quilt I'm doing for a friend's little girl.  All 105" of them.  (The background is cream, not yellow, but that's what photographing at night will do for you.)

I designed these flowers with Jacobean crewel work in mind.  They will be fused to the background and then machine appliqued down.  I will embroider a few stamens here and there to flesh it all out.

I really love the over-the-top shapes and the how the colour combinations have worked.  Plaids and polka dots!  What more could you want?


  1. Ohhh - can't wait to see them all laid out - how are you getting on with the stems?? Working out OK? PS Nice to see you back in the groove...

  2. Can't wait to see the finished product. You must be at college level with appliqueing. I am at Preschool level. I did my first appliqueing this week. I am just learning to do so,on hand and with no teacher to guide me. If learning from your mistakes is so,I should be really smart soon.

  3. This looks like something to keep an eye on, looks nice.

  4. Oh yes, I adore clashing prints! This one looks like it's going to be really special, make sure you photograph the finished product for us... I am finishing off a dress at the moment, driving me batty...

  5. Now that is what I call really neat! I think the finished quilt will be really something else and she is very lucky :)

    viv in dunedin

  6. Lovely shapes and colours - it's going to be gorgeous for a little girl (a big girl would love it too ;D)

  7. Very lovely - looking forward to seeing this progress! I love your fun mix of fabrics.

  8. Looks so yummy, can't wait to see what it looks like all together. Like your idea of embroidered stamens - maybe include some glittery beads?
    Makes me want to get my hands on some of my own projects...

  9. Ooohh, I might know who that lucky wee girl is!!

    P.S. Liv's vest and hat are all done, I will get them to her!!


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