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Thursday, October 20, 2011

School Holidays

Not much gets done on the quilting front round here during school holidays.  The kids see me sewing and find a million things they need help with urgently, or they decide they are hungry, or - and this is the worst insult of all - they decide THEY want to sew ;)

But I've managed to fit in a few other things.  We've had the nieces visiting for a few days and they joined in the birthday afternoon tea that my boy had for his seventh birthday.  Lots of running around was had after the treats and then we had the cake.

For those of you who can't decipher what it is - it's meant to be a chocolate pinata cake.  You make a cake, ice it and top it with goodies, then make a chocolate shell in another bowl and drop it over the top.  Birthday boy gets to smash it with a toy hammer to get to the goodies underneath.  Well.  Let's just say it was a learning experience!  And he wasn't too disappointed that it was already broken when he got to it.  If you ever want to make one of these - practice first.

But tomorrow morning I'm hosting my Friday Group of quilters here so I might get a bit of sewing done then.  And very soon I'm off on Retreat.  A three day quilt-till-you-drop experience that we hold a few times a year through our guild.  I haven't decided what projects I will take, but rest assured I will have something completed by the end of it!

Happy school hols everyone - only a few more days and it's all over.

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  1. Hey, missed this post. Yup, I never sit down at my pc while the kids are round during the day, they see me sitting still, wow! and decide now is the time to get mum to help do 101 things. Same as your sewing machine i imagine. We're back to school now, never thought I'd say yay to that, but yay!


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