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Sunday, October 9, 2011

A sunny day means a photo shoot.

Except that a photo shoot with my husband means a very short window where he will hold up quilts for me.  I can't say "turn it just a wee bit that way" or "just a little higher" and definitely not "one more minute until the wind stops blowing"!  Oh well, I still love him dearly (he cooked dinner tonight so I have to say that).

 These are both quilts that, when I began cataloguing them on my 'quilts' page, I realised I had never taken pictures of them finished.  This is my boy's sixth birthday quilt and he's about to turn seven.  I designed all the blocks myself.  And it was a bit of an adventure in quilt-as-you-go!

And this one was one is called 'Indonesian Windows'.  I finished it in 2007.  It was begun when my sister proposed a challenge.  We could only use the block given but colour it any way we liked and make it any size. 

And here's the quilt holder-upper saying,"C'mon already!  My arms hurt!"


  1. I remember that quilt - I don't know that I ever took a photo of mine either. Only problem is it now resides somewhere in Canberra!! I then started another version with a different block - which is currently residing in my rather large UFO pile.

  2. Haha, go the quilt holder-upper! I will dig out those photos too, might need an idea of the dates though.....get back to you about that.

  3. Loving your sons quilt!! Maybe you should massage hubby's arms!


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