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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Christmas Day 2011

Well, it's been over a month since I last wrote anything on this blog.  Holiday season is nearly over for us.  The kids go back to school at the end of January and Hubby started back at work yesterday.  It's been an adventure filled month for us.  Camping, floods, visiting relatives.  I'll start with a quick round up of Christmas Day itself.

 We usually go camping around Christmas time and even though the weather forecast this year wasn't brilliant, we decided to go anyway.  Luckily Christmas Day itself was sunny, if a little breezy.  The kids got to open their presents on the grass, in the open air, as usual.  They both got real down sleeping bags so we can take them camping in winter with a little more security.

The delight on their faces as they got thoroughly spoiled by all their relations was priceless.  This year they were the only kids on Christmas Day itself so were the undisputed centers of attention!

Guess what we had for Christmas lunch!  This monster cray was contributed by the Uncle and Aunty whose land we camp on and is being held up for admiration by my lovely Mother in Law.  We also had oysters,  homegrown ham, lamb and lots of home grown veges.

Here's my boy having his ham in a hamburger.  It's such a privilege to spend the day in such beautiful surroundings, sitting next to a creek.

By the time we ate dessert, the kids had been swimming in the creek, hence my wee girl still has her lifejacket on.  Pavlova, fruit salad, Christmas cake, fresh strawberries....heaven.

And to make it a little more interesting we had a couple of backpackers from England joining us.  It was their first summer Christmas and eating outside in sunshine was completely foreign to them.  They ate their first oyster each, enjoyed their first taste of pavlova and got climbed all over by our darlings - lucky they are both primary school teachers!

It was a wonderful day spent with family and friends.  I love the fact that we are building such great memories for our kids and I hope we are able to return here for many more years.


  1. Glad to have you back in the land of blogging. Looks like a great Xmas... family, friends & lovely food!

  2. Very, very cool, all of it! Maybe we'll be there next year, don't think the man has any grounds to say no...2 years in a row for HIS family!


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