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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Everything has it's positives and negatives.

Today we are inside hiding from the atrocious weather - rain and wind, which is always a fun combination when you combine it with five children.  Yes, I said five!

My sister in law and her three girls have moved up here from Hamilton for this school term (3 months or so). They want to spend time with my father in law, who is not well.  So they are living in our rental house, which is next door to the parents in law and so far the kids have settled into school well and are having lots of fun playing with their cousins.

But my SIL has to go back to Hamilton now and again for work and this week coming up is one of those now and agains.  Consequently I have five kids today and four for the rest of the week (one will be heading off to stay with the parents in law as we can't fit five kids in the car).

And then tomorrow is my little girls first full day of school!  My husband and I keep marvelling at how fast time has flown, how big she is now, how easy it will be with both kids heading off in the same direction on the same day etc etc.

So I haven't had much time to quilt today, but the electronic baby sitter has just been switched on (DVD player) and so I thought I'd squeeze in this post with a photo of a couple of wall hangings I'm making.  These are made with the positive/negative applique method and are patterns I've designed myself.  

Now I must go and start on the four school lunches for tomorrow!


  1. I really like your psitive/negative photo! It never fails to astoundme how quickly these babies of ours grow up :-) Good luck for the first day of school and also with your houseful this week.

  2. Love those positives / negatives, always wanted to try them - could you do a little workshop on this some time PRETTY PRETTY PLEASE!!!! ( I might be off work Thursdays from late Sugust - hint hint). All the best to your big little girl for her first day tomorrow!!!!!L

  3. Very Cool!
    Good luck with the new routines. Don't the grow up fast! Where the heck does time go?? Probably with all the odd socks!

  4. First full day of school - already?!! Where does the time go? Good luck getting them all to school on time. We go back tomorrow too - today is being spent baking - muffins, loaves and whatnot to get us through the first couple of crazy weeks. PS We're coming to Wellington in December!! Hope to pop up and see you sis.


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