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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Studio Tour

So I'm all moved in (well almost, I'm still finding junk valuable supplies tucked away that I need to find a home for).  The photo above is of my front door taken from behind my sewing table.  You can see the kitchen door to the left of the picture.  There is a bookcase that my boy has mostly appropriated for his toys - you can see his castle set up in front of it.

Turning in a clockwise direction, there is a little alcove where a couch/sofa bed will live one day.  There is another set of glass doors at the front.  I got given an amazing moveable wooden screen made by a friend and it divides the area up into a couple of play areas at the moment.  That big empty wall will hold my design wall.  My husband gets 1.2 metre x 2.4 metre sheets of polystyrene at his work so I'll cover one or two of them with flannel and I'll be away. 

Keep turning in a clockwise direction and you come to my work area.  There is a big chest freezer in front of my sew-ezi table and it actually makes a great work surface as it's bench height.  I have a trestle table set up to the left of my sew-ezi table and it extends my flat sewing surface.  If I'm doing a lot of cutting, I transfer my big cutting mat to the freezer top and I'm thinking of  fixing it to the freezer with velcro dots so that I can still open the freezer while it's there.  The bookcases were a swap with a good friend and they are fantastic!  The thread holding shelves on the floor covered with a blue cloth will be attached to one side of the bookcases and onto the wall.

One more turn clockwise and you see down to the other side of the house.  There is the bathroom behind my sewing area and a laundry area opposite the bathroom.  I'm going to get a big stainless steel bench to go over the washing machine and dryer and some wall cupboards to go above that.  This will be my dyeing and painting area (and I might even do some laundry here too!).  Next to the bench is my big white fabric cupboard and then the doorway to the kitchen and the rest of the house.

And the best thing is that I have started and completed a project (the pics below) in my new room, so I've had a good try out and it all works!!

These two wall hangings were made from a friend who has breast cancer.  Unfortunately she has just discovered she has lung metastases and so we need to help raise funds for her treatment and just to generally make life easier for her and her husband and her three little boys.  We held a dinner and auction night last night and sold these two and lots of other donations and raised a really good amount for her.  If anyone wants to find out more:

Jaynie's facebook page
Hug your babies everyone.


  1. Wow, it looks like you are well and truely moved in! Looks great, can't wait to see it tomorrow. Where is the ironing board?

  2. What a cool space!! I love the wooden room divider.
    I see many happy hours of creating.

  3. Fantastic!! It looks like you are making good use of the space... I've used freezers in the past too; they are a great height. Great to see you putting your room to good use already - the wallhangings are lovely. I wondered about the ironing board too...

  4. The ironing board is tucked down by the washing machine at the moment. It will probably live under the thread holders once they are on the wall. But it's all a settling in process, so we'll see!

  5. What a wonderful space!

    I love the room divider too. And your little wallhangings are adorable. I hope you raise a lot of money for your friend.


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