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Sunday, April 21, 2013

School holidays are upon us once more.

I used to want to camouflage myself and hide, like this frog I found on the choko vine, but the kids are pretty good these days, they seem to be able to harmoniously play Lego (best toy ever) together for hours - touch wood!

In fact, I've already been able to cross off a few things that were on my holiday to-do list.  The 4 inch wide border is on my Creme Brulee quilt top and it is perfect - just what it needed.  Now it needs backing and basting and quilting...whole 'nother story.

And my resolution to finish two things in my WIP pile before I start another project really seems to be working for me.  I pulled out this little wall hanging I had been making as a sample of my positive/negative applique blocks and finished it off.

I had quilted with a design I liked, but had quilted right over the motifs, which I didn't like.  And I had unpicked most of it too, so all it needed was a little more unpicking and then a machine binding (so quick!) and some little hanging corners.  Another thing out of the WIP's and into the finished pile.

*Edited to add:  Must give credit where credit is due!  I think I saw this first on Raewyn's blog lovetostitch  It needs a nice small dowel, the chunky stick I used is a bit thick and will distort the wallhanging a bit.


I've also spent time in the garden and pulled out the finished tomatoes, planted lettuces and leeks and have been revamping a couple of flower pots.  I've chopped down and stump-swabbed tobacco weed (horrible stuff) and rejoiced in the rain we've finally been getting after one of the worst country-wide summer droughts we've ever seen.

So now I'm off to polish my halo and empty the dishwasher.


  1. I love the edge hanging method. I never saw it and will make it infuture for my small hangings, too. What a fantastic idea.

    1. Hi Anneliese, must give credit where credit is due! I think I saw this first on Raewyn's blog lovetostitch
      It needs a nice small dowel, the chunky stick I used is a bit thick and will distort the wallhanging a bit.

  2. Ah, school holidays, gotta love 'em. We've just had our first week back this term, after spending most of the holidays with both boys having the flu!

  3. Border looks great on the quilt!!

  4. Is your frog photo for real - looks like a photo from a calendar! Must be the flash settings on your new camera. I don't think we really get frogs here - not that I've noticed anyway. And ditto Kerryn's comment - that border is PERFECT!

  5. Is that frog from your garden?
    Your quilt does look lovely, Anni Downs has a similar pattern in one of her books.
    Enjoy the holidays! Hiphip horay for lego, it saved my mind many times over the years!

  6. Lego is the best....and now they play it online :) That includes hubby I might add!

    The new edge is great and I will definitely remember those corners as I do a lot of small objects. I'm up to 25 in my Dear Jane quilt and it is still fun :)

    School holidays rock - mine are spending a week with grandma! That's what I call freedom even if we do spend a lot of it fixing up a bedroom.


  7. That wee hanging corner is a great idea of Raewyns. Your quilts are beautiful, so clever.
    How do you find the time with everything you do?


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