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Monday, April 1, 2013

What's on the design wall (floor)?

I'm determined to write a blog post tonight.  It's been awhile.  No excuses.  I got immersed in some novels, which takes my attention away from anything else until they're read (The Green Rider series by Kristin Britain if you're curious).  And I've been doing a locum stint for the past two weeks for a local self-employed midwife (glad it's over and I didn't even have to catch any babies, 24/7 on-call is a major stress).  I've also been working away on my two Taupo Symposium exhibition entries.  They're done and sent off and I know they've received them because my credit card bill shows the entry fee already!  Last, but not least, I was printing up fabric for my handprinted fabric swap: III - all sent off by the deadline and I've received one fat quarter in the mail already - thanks Holly!

Then we've had Easter weekend.  The kids get Good Friday off, right through to the Tuesday (tomorrow).  We've had a visit from the three little girl cousins and there were only a few meltdowns, mostly they are old enough for harmonious interaction.

So this morning I was left at a loose end.  No major projects with deadlines, my two kids and one cousin playing happily.  I rummaged around and came up with my Creme Brulee quilt, and when I laid it out on my design wall floor, I realised I'd forgotten I had all the rows together and I just needed to work on the sashing.  Yay!  

Wild Puss thought he'd add his influence to decision on the final layout.  Why do cats always want to sit on whatever it is you're working on?  And they don't listen to you when you tell them to get off either.  

And then the little *^&%# came charging out from under the table, pounced on the middle of the blocks and skidded them into a mess!

I have the evidence, Cat!  You can't pull that innocent, I-didn't-do-it expression on me!

I thought I'd have the whole top put together today, but unfortunately the little darlings (humans, not cats) demanded some attention and entertainment.  And being their Mother I gave in.

So Happy Easter to you all.  


  1. Gee, Little Miss really looks like you as a kid in that photo. Darn cat, lol, wondering if we should give a cat a go...

  2. LOL at the innocent cat look! Butter wouldn't melt in it's mouth.... My cat does the EXACT same thing. And the puppy!
    No wonder one never get anything finished LOL!

    Happy Easter to you!

  3. Love this quilt and its name - and the cheeky kitty does too! Thanks for blog comment, cheers

  4. Cute quilt! I'm sure it was the wind not Wild Puss that messed up your blocks!


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