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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A Morning Walk

I'm continuing on the spirit of my last post about appreciating where I live.

Once a week I attend a yoga class.  I drop the kids off at school, squeeze in a walk and then stretch and breath through yoga.  But it's that walk that I want to talk about.  I thought I'd share some photos I took.  It's along the Opua to Paihia coastal track and it's one of the best local walks there is.  Do you think you walk further and enjoy yourself more when you are walking in a beautiful place?  I do.

I don't walk here everyday, but only because I don't drop the kids off everyday.  Bur rather than waffle on I'll let the photographs tell you how beautiful it is.


  1. Pretty hard to beat! Very pretty, it's everywhere if we choose to look.

  2. Exquisite photos Ms Lottie... very tranquil (especially once the kids have been dropped off!)

  3. Beautiful, as always, I love a good walk.

  4. Beautiful photos - I agree, I think we do walk longer if it's a beautiful place.

  5. What a lovely spot, yes that would be great for a walk. I used to walk on the beach but now along our (mainly) traffic -free road along a scenic peninsula in the Kaipara.


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