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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Update of the renovation of the Vessel Cerego.

I played with a photograph of Cerego in the app called Moku Hanga - and, with just a few commands, made her into an interesting, and I think, beautiful picture.

In real life, Cerego is not looking a pretty picture.  In fact, she's looking a right mess.  I keep telling myself that she has to look worse before she looks better, but sometimes it's hard to remember that when you are tripping over a bunch of wires, sweeping up rusty, cruddy insulation crumbs or pulling out piles of greasy, unidentifiable junk from the lazarette (another new word - it is the back store room/hatch/cupboard thingymabob).

The picture above is the main saloon.  The R2D2 looking thing is a heavy duty vacuum cleaner (and it's needed, believe me).

The entire boat needs re-wiring.  It's a big job, but it's simpler and safer than trying to sort out all the patching and bodging and adding that's been done over the years.

We are pulling off the dark ceiling panelling (that wasn't very well installed in the first place).  This needs to be done to re-wire, but we aren't going to put it back on.  We will paint the ceiling white.  We don't mind the beams - it's a boat after all - and it gives a little more head room and the feeling of light and space.

The top-deck is tarped up to try and dry it out so we can remove the few spots of rot and then fiberglass the whole thing.  She flaps and rustles like some worn-out, forgotten and unloved circus tent.

But one area where you can see a vast improvement is the fish hold.  All the concrete and insulation is gone (she floats about four inches higher in the water now).  The tar paper is scraped off the back bulkhead and the first coat of paint has gone on.

So, to keep myself positive, I have taken a photo of this much improved space and am using it for the wall paper on my iPad.  It reminds me that a huge change can happen in a short space of time, it just takes effort.  I also use it to remind myself to be thankful that we got her so cheap, so we are able to afford some help - we are not doing all this work ourselves!

At the beginning of the year, my 'word' that I wanted to pay attention to was action.  When I think about it, that word must have penetrated my subconscious, because it was me that spurred my husband into the action of buying this boat (after some initial hard-selling on his part).  We talked about it one weekend and bought it on the following Wednesday.  Now I'm thinking my word needs to change.  Perhaps to effort?  It will take effort to get Cerego liveable and effort to get us out of here and onto Cerego.  Or perhaps flexibility?  We are going to need plenty of that as we adjust to our new space and lifestyle.  Whatever my new word, I think I'm ready for the challenge.

PS - I still quilt.  I've been making many moons lately for various projects.  This is a picture of a gathering stitch I'm doing around a freezer paper template - works well and achieves a smooth circle.


  1. Wow! This is going to be beautiful when it's finished. I like the new word choice of effort. It will surely take much but it looks like you are well on your way. I think you should print and frame that lovely picture.

  2. What a great progress, Lottie! I love the way the fish hold turned out. I like the natural wood look in everything. The ceiling is gonna look really nice with the beams exposed. Goo luck to you for getting the wiring and the rest done, hope you'll keep posting photos!

  3. Lottie, I am really enjoying following your progress on the ship! What an adventure!

  4. Your progress is amazing! This is so fun to watch.

  5. HI Charlotte, I've been gradually catching up on my blog reading - and wow! what a lot I had missed on yours'!!! Such an adventure for your family... I look forward to learning more!! Best of luck withit all :-)

  6. This is an adventure! Good luck.

  7. I'm sure she's appreciative of all the time you're spending on her, she'll be a beauty when it's all done!

  8. Such an adventure. Looks fun. Are the kids excited about the boat?

  9. Lots of deep thoughts going on here. Your boat picture at the top looks like you have already made an art quilt with it - it looks lovely... even the rust! It would look perfect hanging in your new lounge area, printed out on a canvas, as a reminder of how far you've come. We had a heinous renovation before our house was liveable too... at least yours doesn't smell of dog wee.

  10. Wow, you have so much potential storage for batting and stash. You could run a shop in that space! You will not need to use pantry lockers! The mess and work brings back memories too!! We rented an apartment for a while when we put in a new donk (motor)!!

  11. Gosh what a difference in the fish hold area! Love that first photo, what a great app.
    What a busy and exciting time!


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