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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Podcast Episode 8 - Know when to pull the plug

Nope, not pulling the plug on podcasting, but pulling the plug on a project when it's just not working.

Today I give a (not so brief) life update, including a rundown on the boat renovations.  I then talk about what's going on in my quilting world, including how I had to admit defeat and decide not to push through and try and meet my latest quilting deadline.  I also talk about my SAQA donation quilt, my summer postcard swap and other quilty bits and pieces.

Here's a photo of my SAQA donation quilt:

And a photo of the postcard I sent off to Kim for the Summer Postcard Swap:

Last, but not least, is a process pic of part of my Growth Challenge quilt, the one that's been giving me gip and is not going to get finished for it's deadline:

And I'm feeling clever!  I think I figured out how to embed my podcast.  But just in case I'm not as clever as I think, here's the link to go listen at Podbean:


  1. Yay! Another episode! Can't wait to listen. Sometimes, you just have to let it go and move on! Beautiful donation quilt and the postcard is lovely!

  2. Thank you for talking so much about the boat reno! It's very interesting to see that whole process and then hear even more about it. I've never thought much about what it takes (or had a desire to do so myself) so it's a fascinating glimpse of another life.

  3. I just got caught up on podcast listening -- all the preparations for moving onto the boat sound both really exciting and also a bit overwhelming. The recent photos show such an amazing change since the first ones. I'm really enjoying hearing about the process!

  4. Thanks for not going on and on about not podcasting! I appreciate your podcasts whenever you post them.

    I am curious about the not publishing rule. What if you publish 'in process' photos, such as blocks or parts of the piece before you decide to enter in a show? Are you out of luck then? Can a blogger go back and take down the posts or password protect them?

    I really loved this episode. I love to hear you talk about your art quilts and your process. You have really inspired me. I think a project that I need to do, which has been on the fringes of my mind, became less amorphous while listening to your episode.

    Thanks for your time in putting this together. Looking forward to the next episode.


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