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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

What's your favourite part of making a quilt?

What's your favourite part of making a quilt?

I know lots of people don't like hand stitching binding, but I do.  There is something about each stitch taking you closer and closer to a finish.  Bindings make a huge improvement in the look of the quilt too.  Well, every step makes a huge improvement in the look of the quilt, but binding is just that final 'wow' step.  And let's say it, there is something about hand work too - repetitive, soothing, relaxing.  Another thing about hand stitching a binding is how rarely I need to unpick.  Maybe that's a silly reason to like it so much, but it's true!

I'm not a huge gizmo and gadget girl, but one thing that has made my binding process even more pleasant is using Clover wonder clips.  I won a packet (see, I doubt I would have bought them myself) and I love them.  I used to get pricked by pins if I pinned my binding down, or a sore hand from holding the binding if I didn't pin.  Now I get neither.

Note: I've no affiliation to Clover, nor Grandmother's Garden, which is the shop the link takes you too, it was just the first shop to come up when I googled Clover wonder clips New Zealand.

Maybe the other reason I like binding so much is that it means I've made all the hard design decisions.  It means that I'm either happy with how the quilt has turned out, or, if I wasn't happy, at least it will be finished and done with shortly.

What's your favourite part of making a quilt?  And then, probably more telling, what's your LEAST favourite part?!

Now, just for kicks and giggles, I was alerted by a friend that my mug shot was in the NZ Quilter magazine this month!  NZ Quilter is our first and foremost quilting magazine in New Zealand, so I was pretty stoked to see I had a little write up.


  1. Hello Charlotte,

    I am with you I could sit and sewing bindings on all day. Just love doing that sort of thing. Great to see your blog highlighted in the magazines.

    Happy days.

  2. I don't mind doing bindings. Some of my customers ask me to completely finish their quilts for them, they either don't enjoy this process or are on a tight time frame.
    Cool famous northland gal!

  3. I like all the parts of making a quilt (depending on how it is going). Piecing probably the most. The part that I like least is pinning. I don't mind binding although I have started to do it by machine. I don't do it particularly well, no doubt my hand stitching is neater but... not enough to sit there doing it

  4. I do it on the sofa in the evening - quite soothing. And Charlotte, you know I like your quilting on the shown piece. I like that lines go over each other.

  5. I completely agree with you. I love doing the binding! It means it's almost finished! I've not invested in the clips - looked at them a dozen times in the shop but never made the purchase. I will definitely cave in and get them someday!

  6. My favorite part is also the binding. And I totally agree with every single word you said about it. Even the hand stitching part, which I know a lot of people try to avoid with machine binding. I did one quilt with machine binding, which was for our bed, and felt like something was missing from the process... My least favorite is the cutting, and basting. Yep :)

  7. I love the piecing myself. I quilt under duress mostly. If not for conscience I would probably have dozens of tops and no finished quilts. I don't mind bindings cos that means finished :)


  8. Hi Charlotte

    Awesome to see your Summer Dragonfly quilt pictured on page 35 of the newest issue of Machine Quilting Unlimited magazine. Well done!

    I love all parts of quilt making (some parts more than others!) I love doing hand stitched binding because I get a finished quilt when it is done and I can admire my handiwork as I go. It feels like I am getting "up close and personal" with my quilt. I usual use three pins and just pin the next section along as I go. The most favorite part would be the planning and selection of fabrics. The least favorite part is the basting (no surprises there, lol)


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