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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Podcast - Interview with Carol Veillon, Editor of Quiltmania Magazine

This is my last interview from Manawatu Symposium 2015, but definitely NOT my least.  I was so thrilled to talk to Carol Veillon from Quiltmania magazine.  She travelled all the way from France to be a merchant at symposium and was just so lovely to talk to.

Carol's journey is amazing.  She began with just an idea to start a patchwork magazine because there was nothing that appealed to her.  From selling 12,000 copies of the first edition to being published in three languages, to being a book publisher and running a quilt show - a totally inspiring story.

The stunning quilt we are standing in front of (and that Carol mentions in the interview) was on the cover of Quiltmania 105, designed by Valori Wells.

All the QUILTMANIA Editions's team is proud to inform you that a new magazine is just born and about to come out (in June) : 

SIMPLY MODERNE Quilts & Crafts,

A Great Wave of pure energy and modern style, tracking the latest tendencies in the quilting world and celebrating creative fresh new ideas by young designers from all over the world !


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