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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Three Stand Sentinel

One of the consolidation tasks I'm doing in my quilting life is putting together a quilt register.  It would make my life a lot easier if I had all the details (especially the size) of all my quilts at my fingertips.

And whilst inputting one of my latest quilts, I realised that I had never shown you the final product.

This is 'Three Stand Sentinel' and it's 18 inches by 34 1/2 inches.  It was begun in a class by Sue Benner, then grew and evolved once I got it home.  I showed plenty of in progress shots, but never a finished one.

I'm still not entirely happy with my watermark program.  I'm now using Photobulk and I still think it notches up the saturation of my colours.  Any suggestions?

Some detail shots for you.  The background is monoprinted and hand dyed fabric, then the ripples, wharf posts and birds are fused collage.  Mostly using my hand dyes but some repurposed shirts and commercial solid fabrics made it in too.

I used a little organza for the shadows on the poles and I used prismacolour pencils for the faces.  Can you see where I butted up two background panels and joined them using a wide zig-zag?  No quilt police around here!

And then lots of free motion quilting to hold it all down.  To finish it I went with a binding.  I liked the lift the turquoise solid gave the quilt and the quilt was way too stiff to attempt a facing, which is my usual way of finishing off art quilts.

I'm really pleased with the final product.  I think the hardest thing was coming up with a name.  Some quilters seem to be able to do that effortlessly.  Not me.

And the seagulls seem to like it too.  Cheeky!  I would have cried if he'd pooped on it, but I had to grab a shot before I scared him away.


  1. Just stunning! I love the way you've worked the background, beautiful colours. You couldn't have found a better place to hang this could you!

  2. The last photo is hilarious!
    I like how the organza worked and particularly like the feathers on the outstretched wings. Great work!

  3. To heck with the quilt looks fabulous! Love the seagull checking it out!

  4. Lottie, this is stunning! All just fabulous, the shags, the water!! All I can say is WOW WOW

  5. I loved how you put together the fabric pieces for the water, makes it shine with all the right amounts of shadows, great job.


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