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Friday, May 27, 2016

Natalie Murdoch from Wholly Quilts - Podcast Interview

Natalie Murdoch from Wholly Quilts graciously took time to speak to me when we were both visiting The Great NZ Quilt Show.

Natalie is a quilter, teacher, gardener, cook and many other things besides.  She runs quilt retreats from her home, teaches quilting, writes fun and informative newsletters and is also an Aotearoa Quilters committee member.

Natalie and I talk about the therapeutic value of quilting, about teaching and running retreats, a wonderful fabric camp Natalie attended in the US, Natalie's own quilts, entering quilt shows and much, much more.

Natalie's quilt at The Great NZ Quilt Show 'Scare de Crows'. 

Natalie's other quilt in the show, a completely different style, 'Kaka Beak Revival' (sorry about the funny lighting, the background is actually one colour).

Natalie runs wonderful retreats and if you are after a relaxing, fun weekend, with wonderful cooking and great company, consider booking a retreat with Wholly Quilt Retreats

The fabric camp Natalie and I talk about was run by Common Threads Quilting and the facilitator was Terry Clothier Thompson.

I had fun talking to Natalie - she let it slip after our interview that she was a journalist at one point - so glad she didn't make me nervous by telling me that before!  I hope you enjoy our chat too.  And if you do, please share the podcast with a friend, or log onto iTunes and leave me a review.  Thanks heaps!

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  1. I enjoyed listening to this podcast while piecing, an interesting and thoughtful discussion


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