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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Podcast Interview with Helen Jones - NZ Modern Quilt Guild

Helen Jones is the founder of the new chapter of the Modern Quilt Guild (MQG) right here in New Zealand.  Back in November 2016, Helen asked for expressions of interest and was so pleased with the results that she went ahead with her plan and began taking official memberships in February.  (Follow the links listed at the end of this post if you'd like to sign up)

Because of NZ's small population and geographical spread, Helen intends to make the most of technology to grow the community.  They've started by holding virtual sew-ins to grow friendships and Helen has block of the month tutorials, membership swaps and lots of other great activities planned.

Helen's latest work in progress.
We discuss what modern quilting is, what makes a modern quilter and the exciting line-up of modern quilt teachers at this year's NZ Quilt Symposium.  I learn who Helen's partners in crime are (thanks Anna and Melissa!), what she thought of this year's QuiltCon show and what Helen's can't-live-without tools are.

Helen uses a Knight Agile electric desk, which she can lower to sew at and raise to cut on, all with the touch of a button:

And she loves her clever Zirkel magnetic pincushion (you should watch this video of it!).

Thanks for chatting to me Helen!

You can find more info through all the links listed, listen to the interview directly in the audio player below, or subscribe to the podcast through iTunes or any other podcast listening site.

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The International Modern Quilt Guild


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