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Thursday, March 30, 2017

More Fabric Dye Test Results

I've been testing more of the old dyes that were donated to me.  In each colour group, the colour of the dye solution when made up is in the top photograph, and the fabric, after it is rinsed and dried, is in the bottom photograph.  In this set, from top left going clockwise, is reddish navy, purple, fuchsia and eggplant.

Not a bad result at all.  And no, I haven't upped the saturation, fuchsia is just so pink that it almost hurts your eyes.

Again, from top left clockwise: golden, orange, rosebud and bright yellow.  The orange has washed out significantly but the rest are pretty good.

Here we have jade green, intense blue, grass green and brightest green.  I don't know who's idea of jade that jade green was, but it's not what I'd call jade.  And intense blue washed out to a nice summer sky blue.  

None of them are as bad as the blue I first trialled.  They all still have enough potency to be usable.  But I've taken snippets of these test fabrics and pasted them in my dye book for record keeping purposes.  I've also taken snippets and glued them onto the tops of the dye powder jars so I'll remember at a glance that some of these are not what they seem from the name.

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  1. Great idea of putting a sample of the dyed fabric on the jar of dye!


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